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Application Support Consultancy Services:

Projects. Application support consultants can be provided for a particular support project e.g. Creating documentation for an application.

Support. Application support consultants can be provided for general on-going support of applications on-site. Rather than you recruit a permanent member of staff or contractor, a consultant is provided to you for an agreed daily rate but remains employed by our company. No recruitment or employment hassle for you. Costs are easily managed and known upfront.

Remote Support. Remote application support consultants (UK based) can be provided to help support an application. This is a unique and low cost solution which is growing in popularity, especially for non business-critical applications.

Management. Specialist application support consultancy e.g. advice on streamlining support teams, staff motivation (which impacts support service output more than any other factor by far) and current market-leading application support models and methodologies.

Our objective is to provide solid support services on budget that provide real and measurable value.

Email:  info@application-support.co.uk or Tel: +44 (0)203 151 0870

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